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"This is so even though we live in a deeply divided world.

These are unsettling times-wars, refugees, terrorism, hate crimes of all types, and boundary disputes.

Events such as these dominate the headlines daily," he said. Whether it is a young boy in Afghanistan, or an old woman in Zimbabwe, there is not a soul that doesn't enjoy a good movie, or a lovely piece of music." "The fact that we have with us today some of the finest collection of talents from India and Pakistan under one roof is proof that art and culture indeed transcend all the boundaries." Marketing is a big challenge for indie films as well, he said facing what he called the "curse of Bollywood" - extravagant, studio-backed and star-studded films from Bollywood.

In order to succeed, indie films from India, in their quiet way, must overcome this stereotype and sea of noise, Islam said.

Sarmad Khoosat received the Special Award for Contribution to Pakistan TV and Films.

Closer home we saw the hullabaloo around Sujoy Ghosh’s short film Ahalya recently.

Washington: "Kadambari", a Bengali film centred around Kadambari Devi, sister-in-law of Rabindranath Tagore with whom he is supposed to have had a close personal relationship and who eventually committed suicide, won the Best Film award at the 4th Washington, DC, South Asian Film Festival.

The film was directed by the National Award-winning filmmaker Suman Ghosh.

There were three films from South Asian Americans: "Partu", a film by Nitin Adsul; "Miss India America" by Ravi Kapoor; and "For Here or To Go" by Rucha Humnabadkar.

The festival also featured two Pakistani films, "Manto" and "Shah" based on the lives of short-story writer Sadat Hassan Manto and Pakistani boxer Hussain Shah, who won the bronze medal at 1988 Summer Olympics.

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