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About ten years ago, I realized that a sea change was taking place.

I had long ago ceased to memorize the TV schedules, I was unable to keep up with all the magazines I felt I should be reading, and with new alternatives like Prodigy and a book superstore, I fell hopelessly behind in my absorption of media. I was no longer interested enough in what a telemarketer might say to hesitate before hanging up.

Marketing was in a groove - if you invented a decent product and put enough money into TV advertising you could be pretty sure you'd get shelf space in stores.

And if the ads were any good at all, people bought the products.

Since then, over a quarter of a million people have stopped by to ask for the first four sample chapters.

Rather than jamming your inbox, we decided to present them to you here on a web page instead.

Imagine you're in an empty airport, early in the morning.

(And yes, we've deleted your email address and, as per our promise, will never write to you.) CHAPTER ONE THE MARKETING CRISIS THAT MONEY WON'T SOLVE YOU'RE NOT PAYING ATTENTION. Is it any wonder that consumers feel like the fast-moving world around them is getting blurry?For ninety years, marketers have relied on one form of advertising almost exclusively. Interruption, because the key to each and every ad is to interrupt what the viewers are doing in order to get them to think about something else.INTERRUPTION MARKETING-THE TRADITIONAL APPROACH TO GETTING CONSUMER ATTENTION Almost no one goes home eagerly anticipating junk mail in their mailbox. Almost no one looks forward to a three minute commercial interruption on Must See TV. Yet marketers must make us pay attention for the ads to work.Now, imagine the same airport, but it's three in the afternoon and you're late for your flight.The terminal is crowded with people, all jostling for position.

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