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All three men easily flouted the nation's mandatory sex offender registration law by moving from state to state without letting authorities know.Once off the radar, they continued to prey on women and children. Beebout moved from California to Oregon, never telling police where he was living as required.Once here, he beat up one woman and killed two others.“Thanks to we found the predator that tried to kidnap our six and two year old sons.

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Intended for the management of all parolees required to register with law enforcement pursuant to PC Section 290, the SOMP is an evidence based approach to sex offender management utilizing multiple risk assessments to drive tiered supervision classifications.

You can also see how many offenders are in your community.

To request information about a sex offender, you can fill out a request form.

They lived or landed in Oregon, a state with one of the worst records in the country at following federal standards intended to thwart roaming sex offenders.

It has become a haven for offenders who want to escape much stricter rules in other states.

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