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If the skin color of the prospective member was lighter than the bag, the person was accepted.

If their skin was darker than the bag, they were rejected.

In countries like the Sudan, Michelle Obama could be considered light-skinned.“I’m so happy that Barack chose a REAL black woman”, African-American women always say. I mean, of course she is clearly a woman of African ancestry, but there are millions of women around the world who have darker skin than Michelle.

My point in writing this is that there has always existed a pigmentocracy in the African-American community.

I would argue that it is not an issue of light skin or dark skin at all, but rather an issue of being “too dark”, or “BLACK”, as African-Americans describe very dark-skinned African-Americans.

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A cor da pele de muitas pessoas no Sudão se aproxima da cor preta do que qualquer modelo afro-americana.In the early 20th century, there existed many black churches, social clubs and schools where the acceptance of an African-American depended upon the tone of skin of the applicant.The test was called the “brown paper bag test”; a person was either accepted or rejected in these places depending on whether the color of their skin was lighter or darker than a brown paper bag.O teste foi chamado de “teste de saco de papel marrom”, uma pessoa foi aceitado ou rejeitado nestes locais dependendo da se a cor de sua pele era mais clara ou mais escura do que um saco de papel marrom.Se a cor da pele do membro potencial foi mais clara do que o saco, a pessoa foi aceitado.

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