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Hartmann: Global Physical Climatology ; Academic Press Peixoto and Oort: Physics of Climate; American Institute of Physics; 1st edition (February 1, 1992) WILKS: Statistical Methods in the Atmospheric Sciences, 3rd Edition (2011) Traditional in the classroom.

The final exam consist in an oral examination during which the student will be asked generally three questions selected between the two modules. the final exam is inteded to verify the understanding/comprehension of all phenomenological, mathematical/statistical aspects of the topics dealt during the two modules.

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Another way to address the origin of life is to study its oldest traces in ancient terrestrial rocks on Earth and on Mars.

Admixture software: searching for admixture events 6. The course is characterized by a marked practical approach.

DAPC: Discriminant Analysis of Principal Components applied to genomic data 5. Replication of selected studies from literature Jobling M, Hollox E, Kivisild T & Tyler-Smith C. Human evolutionary genetics (2nd ed.), Garland Science.

The year 2020 will see the launch of two missions to search for life on the red planet, the European/Russian mission Exo Mars 2020 and the NASA Mars 2020.

Our studies of the ancient traces of life will be of great importance to the success of the mission objectives. Westall receives the ISA Honorary Fellowship as a sign of recognition and appreciation for the quality of her studies and the impact of her research in the field of astrobiology.

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