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Religions became adapted to the needs of individual cultures.

Limitations in communication and transportation prevented the formation of a single, true universal religion which all of humanity could embrace.

Police detained Nguyen Thi Phuong, a grocer who was fostering the child, identified only as N. Phuong and her husband were the girl's foster carers, though her husband was not identified in reports and it was not clear whether he knew about how the girl was being treated. Phuong allegedly said that the girl would often steal her possessions to sell for pocket money.

Deputy chairman of Vinh Tuong District Le Chi Thai confirmed that an arrest had been made.

Shocking video has emerged of a five-year-old girl screaming after being strung up by her wrists by her cruel Vietnamese foster mother as punishment for taking a carton of milk.

The tiny child, whose hands are tied, can be seen hanging several feet above the floor from a horizontal pole in a building in the Vinh Tuong District of northern Vietnam's Vinh Phuc Province.

God decided to initiate a third revelation, in which he communicated Caodaism by spiritist means.They currently have 7 to 8 million followers in Viet Nam and about 30,000 members elsewhere, primarily in Asia, Australia, Canada, Europe and the United States.They regard the history of religion as being divided into three periods of revelation.The first was circa 2500 BCE, when God inspired selected religious leaders to found Judaism in the Middle East, Hinduism in India and Yi king (philosophy of transformation) in China.A few thousand years later, God led the Buddha to found Buddhism, Lao Tse to create Taoism, Confucius to start Confucianism, and Jesus Christ to found Christianity.

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